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Cityscapes Anthology:

Urban Writings of and from Cities


Guidelines Updated and w.e.f. 1st November 2020

​(A) General Guidelines

  1. Only poems and short stories (fiction) written in the English language, pertaining to the theme of cityscapes/urban living will be accepted as submissions. Translations are not solicited at this moment. 

  2. An individual may make their submissions in either poetry or short story category, but not both. 

  3. Submissions are open only for adults (above 18 years) residing in India only. 

  4. Weekly prompts (three for poetry and two for short stories) will be shared on our social media channels every Wednesday (starting 4th November 2020) throughout the months of November and December 2020

  5. (i) Weekly submissions to be sent only via email to every respective Tuesday after the weekly prompts are shared. If you are unable to submit your work within the designated week, you can compile the pending work with the following week’s submission.
    (ii) Please note, submissions will only be entertained on Tuesdays following the prompts, the last of which will be dated 29th December 2020. 

  6. Non-adherence to submission guidelines will result in rejection of the entry. Your submission will not be read unless all formalities are complete. 

(B) Submission Guidelines for Poetry:  

  1. Word limit for Poems: 50 - 250 words (not exceeding 60 lines per poem). 

  2. No more than three poems per week should be submitted for consideration by any one individual. 

(C) Submission Guidelines for Short Stories: 

  1. Word limit for Short Stories (fiction): 2000 - 5000 words. 

  2. No more than two short stories per week should be submitted for consideration by any one individual. 

(D) Formatting Guidelines: 

  1. (i) All weekly submissions must be sent in a single Microsoft Word/PDF Document (.doc/.docx/.pdf) format, as an attachment only
    (ii) Any external links/Google Drive/OneDrive/DropBox links or Poems/Short Stories pasted in body of email will not be entertained. 

  2. Your document/s text should be formatted as Times New Roman, Font Size 12, with 1.5 spacing. 

  3. Please follow this format for naming your submission document and email subject:   <Poetry or Short Story: Your Name: Week X>. 

  4. Please include your name, age, your handle/profile (public profile) on any social media platforms in the body of your email. 


(E) Copyright & Anti-Plagiarism Guidelines: 

  1. Any poems or short stories submitted for this anthology cannot be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. Once the selections are made public by us, rights to the works which are not selected, will automatically revert to the authors. 

  2. Poems and short stories must be original, must not be published previously either in print or via electronic media (including personal blogs, Facebook, and/or any other social media platforms). Please note, we have a strict anti-plagiarism policy. 

  3. If you need to publish the submitted/selected work elsewhere, contact the Editors at and consideration will be given on a case-to-case basis.  

  4. By submitting your work to Ratio Auream Publishers LLP, you hereby agree to the above copyright and anti-plagiarism guidelines. 

(F)  Further Information: 

  1. You will be informed of the editors' decision regarding your submission by 15th March 2021 (subject to change) via email only. 

  2. Non-response of selected authors for more than 15 days will result in forfeiture.  

  3. Queries will not be entertained via direct messages/comments/tweets on our social media platforms. 

  4. For any queries please email us at


(G) Checklist 

Please make sure you check all the following aspects before sending us your weekly submission email:  

  1. Subject Line. 

  2. Document Format (.doc/.docx/.pdf). 

  3. Name, Age, Social Media Profile.