Aurea Shorts: Class of 2021

Ratio Auream Publishers is proud to introduce the Aurea Shorts: Class of 2021. Under this programme, three artists between the ages of 20 to 30 have been selected for an exclusive publishing and mentoring plan to bring out Kindle Exclusive Chapbooks by each of them adhering to a central theme for the year.

We are committed to bringing out new voices and writing styles by emerging authors to create a community of young poets who can take their first steps into publishing.

The central theme for the year 2021 is “Duality” and the selected poets for the Class of 2021 are Sahej Marwah, Shreya Sikka, and Anjali Singh.

Each of them will receive intensive one-on-one supervision and personalized workshops from our Editor-in-Chief Ishmeet Nagpal, in addition to peer feedback and access to guidance from our eminent Advisory Board.


Sahej Marwah

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Sahej Marwah likes to have a finger in every bowl. She spends her time baking, writing, editing, podcasting, and pampering her cat. It's safe to say that she is now running out of fingers and is open to donations.


She will be exploring the duality of “Flux vs Fixture” for her chapbook under Aurea Shorts. About the theme, she says –


“Flux and Fixture are the sister cornerstones of life.

One cannot, has not, and will not exist without the other;

the only way they function is in tandem.

So how do you keep yourself from getting attached to one?”


Shreya Sikka

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Shreya Sikka’s thoughts are morbid and occur in bouts. She’s a copywriter by day and a poet all the time. Her love for psychology often spills into her writing. So in the aftermath of every anxiety-inducing situation, she says to herself, “At least I’ll get a poem out of this.”


She will be exploring the duality of “Morbidity vs Hope” for her chapbook under Aurea Shorts. About the theme, she says -


“Even in the pits of anxiety,

Even in the all-consuming thoughts about death,

Even in the questionable obsession with heartbreak,

There lies a hint of strange hope.”

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Anjali Singh

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Anjali Singh is a creative madwoman on her pursuit of a life full of art, music, and words. Currently working in advertising, she is excited to see where life takes her in the future.


She will be exploring the duality of “Fantasy vs Reality” for her chapbook under Aurea Shorts. About the theme, she says -


“Exploring the realms of fantasy, flights of imagination,

hope, and wishful thinking, juxtaposed with

the ever-present, unshakeable truth of reality.

The human oscillates between these two, often ending up at a point

where they converge and exist peacefully together.”