Who are we?

Founded in 2018 by Nirav Mehta & Ishmeet Nagpal; Ratio Auream is a multidisciplinary art initiative rooted in the spirit of free speech and a balanced perspective of our warped times. Led by a roster of diverse writers and artists, Rogue is an exclusive zine that speaks of new age perspectives and artistic expression.

You can call us a micro-utopia making machine that generates new ways of thinking about social justice; gender dialogues, learning, and community building. Be it opinion pieces, sane reviews of insanely popular content, heartfelt poems or stunning photography & art, we help in creation and curation of all.



Our mandate is to activate a network of like-minded artists who believe in collective expression through collaboration, experimentation, and community building. We aim to work with diversely placed youth and adults to create engaging learning environments that are hands-on and horizontal. Peer-to-Peer learning is the future we see.



In the spirit of D.I.Y. philosophy, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration: Our approach to content creation is to create a collaborative learning environment where new skills emerge by sharing and collectively exploring methods of art making.

  • Experimentation: While our model of collaboration remains consistent, we are open to re-configurations of our artistic methods that work in different contexts. We are not afraid of trying out new things, tweaking our plans, or run the risk of failing if it will lead us to discover something new.

  • Community: At the heart of our work is community building. Through our collaborative art-based experiments we aim to bring people together in an environment where new friendships and inter-generational communities emerge.

  • Inclusion and Diversity: Zine culture and alternative arts were historically born in the margins of society, by people whose voices were ignored. We aim to reverse history by getting rid of the center-margin dynamic altogether and prioritize seemingly under-represented communities and artists as future innovators.


Who and What Can You Expect?

Founders, Professionals, Rusty Creators, Corporate Misfits and explorers from Art, Music, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Photography, Tech and genres that are yet to be defined.


What’s a Ratio Auream Live Experience?

Our offline initiatives include retreats/workshops which offer an exploratory space to learn and grow in various dimensions like:

  • Empathy and Acceptance

  • Art Workshops and Installations

  • Challenging Ideas and Mindsets

  • Designing Business as an Art Form

  • Team Building

  • Relational Development through Photography, Satire, Group Laughter, Poetry and Education

  • Aligning brain-body-heart-soul and Future

  • Road Trips

  • Meditation and Collective Intellectual Awakening

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